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Decoding Amazon for a 7 Figure E-Commerce Business!
Join Us October 12th & 13th, 2019 for our Decoding E-Commerce and Private Label For Doctor Entrepreneurs
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Now, Dr. Chandler George is revealing the blueprint to a select few...
Join us for 2 days in Dallas this October where he will show you just how you can build your own profitable 7 figure online business!
Click the button above to get your blueprint and register for the Decoding E-Commerce and Private Label For Doctor Entrepreneurs
Who is this event for?
Successful doctors and entrepreneurs making 6, 7, or even 8 figures...

...BUT you're working 60, 70, 80, or even 90 hours a week to sustain that wealth.
We are offering the keys to the kingdom of TRUE FREEDOM.
Do you remember? You became an entrepreneur because you CRAVED freedom and wealth to live a certain lifestyle.

The 9-5 lifestyle just wasn't for you - you were made to accomplish great things in life!

Somewhere down the line, the lifestyle you created began overtaking.

The business you were running started to run you (into the ground).

You had to take on mountains of debt, go through staff changes over & over again, and attempt to learn new things just to TRY to keep the lights on.

The freedom and the wealth you craved so much at the beginning became scarce.

And the next thing you know, you've become a slave to your business.
YOU DESERVE a way out!
And that's exactly what this event has been created to do.
Help you get out of the hole you somehow ended up in!
Who SHOULD NOT attend?
If you are...
- content with a business that is taking up ALL of your time
- looking for a quick fix
- not willing to learn or be coachable
- not willing to dedicate time and hard work into applying what we will share
- not open to the possibility of achieving 7, 8, or even 9 figure wealth
...then this event is NOT FOR YOU.
Who Will Be At The Event?
Dr. Chandler George
CEO, Market My Small Business, CatchFire Coaching
Dr. Chandler George is a successful author, coach, consultant, chiropractor, and marketing authority, having helped several hundred physicians grow their practice to multiple 7 figures by reducing overhead, minimizing debt, and amplifying their marketing efforts.

Dr. George earned over half a million dollars in revenue from his own chiropractic clinic before the age of 25 and has made it his mission to share his knowledge with fellow chiropractors to help them achieve the same results.

As a doctor, he has bought, started from scratch, and sold 7 different healthcare businesses.

Currently, Dr. George runs Decoding Private Label For Doctors & Entrepreneurs and coaches his clients in Private 1-on-1 sessions.
Special Guest Speakers
Sherry George
Funnel Hacker, Internet Marketer, and Developer
Michelle Prince
Michelle Prince is the best-selling author of her first book, “Winning In Life Now" and is a highly sought after Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker. She has gone on to author dozens of additional books and products in the areas of achievement, motivation, productivity and success. She owns her own publishing company and is the founder of the “Book Bound Workshop” which helps soon-to-be authors get their story “out of their head and onto paper.” Michelle knows we all have a story and is passionate about helping others tell their stories so they can impact other people’s lives.
Stay tuned as we announce more guest speakers!
It's no secret...
E-Commerce & selling on Amazon is absolutely exploding!
Now is YOUR CHANCE to take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn the intricacies of selling on Amazon from the Doctors that have it all figured out.

WHEN: October 12th & 13th, 2019

WHERE: DFW Airport Area Hotel (Along with confirmation of your ticket purchase you will receive important hotel information as well as have the opportunity to book your stay at our host hotel and enjoy our Special Group Rate of only $99/night even includes a breakfast voucher for you -- but only while these rooms last!)
SEATS FOR THIS EVENT ARE TRULY LIMITED. This is not some sales gimmick.

The number of seats in the room are limited and once the tickets are gone, they're gone.
Seats are limited. Lunch is included both days with the purchase of your event ticket.
The Expert's Secrets will be Revealed!
From Infancy to $10 million as a Doctor, or Entrepreneur, Small Business Life Cycle
Automate the Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Process With Ease of your ECOMM, Shopify or Amazon Business
Branding so you can sell for a multiple sooner rather than later. This is true leverage as get paid twice. Branding is key not a one off product.
Experience The Power of A Successful Private Label Business Blueprint
What Our Attendees Have Said About the Event...
Event Satisfaction Guarantee 
100% Money Back - No Questions Asked - Event Satisfaction Guarantee
And Also...
We're Now Including Our 20% Life Satisfaction Guarantee
Studies show that those who have clearly defined goals are 20% more satisfied with their lives and that is why setting Goals is the objective when we structured this event.

We will help you clearly define your Goals – personal and professional.

You'll learn how to use your story to build a sustainable brand and create the fuel to fire it.

On the flip-side, you'll experience more meaningful moments, tell better stories yourself, and improve the results you're getting in life.
Experience The Power of A Successful Private Label Business Blueprint
If you're not 100% satisfied with the Growth Hacking for Your Private Label Business AND at least 20% more satisfied in your life then we'll give you every penny back!
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